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Türkiye Deniz Suyu Sıcaklığı
The tourism industry is well developed in Turkey, and this means that even the most sophisticated desires vacationers, doomed to execution. Those who can not spend a day without his favorite tennis racket, can visit the courts.

Tennis courts in Turkey can be found almost in every hotel. They can be free or for extra charge. Tennis in Turkey is very popular among visitors. For those who are not indifferent to the tennis coverage during the game, it will be useful to know that for these purposes is most commonly used concrete coverage. There are some Hotels that equipped with tennis courts with professional coverage, such as the Club Ali Bey Belek HV-1.

One of the important features for those who loves and plays thennis is a possibility to visit a Tennis Centre and a «Mickey»Tennis Academy. Tennis Complex consists of 35 courts with ground cover, one of the courts with grandstand (Center Court), 2 courts are equipped for children, a panel for training, tennis school «Patricio» with the professional treiners international certificated, offers various alternative courses, rental racquets and balls, weekly tournaments.