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Türkiye Deniz Suyu Sıcaklığı
Vip Exlusive Service

V.E.S services – this is a specialized system for servicing VIP customers.
V.E.S let greatly expand the range of the offered services without being limited by the typical offers.
  Our program gives an opportunity to arrange special tours by an individual request, or order certain services from V.E.S.

• Meeting of the VIP clients by specially trained personnel
• Registration procedure is performed without a queue
• Direct individual transfer Airport-Hotel-Airport
• Meeting with flowers at the airport
• At the airport and during the transfer non-alcoholic drinks are offered
• Express check-in at the hotel, fruit and wine into the room
• On the day of arrival or next day appointment with a V.E.S guide
• Appointments with the V.E.S guide at hotel at least 4 times per week and a possibility to get in contact with him by phone during 24 hours.

For an additional fee you can get the following services:
• Organization of an individual tours, as well as for families or groups, the organization of the tour program offered by the client
• Ordering the transfer or excursions you can choose according to your taste brand and type of vehicle
• Organization of banquets, parties, anniversaries, weddings-anniversaries, presentation of gifts to the birthday

We believe that the most demanding customers will give their preference for the V.E.S program which is appreciated by our numerous guests.