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Türkiye Deniz Suyu Sıcaklığı
İstanbul Daily
You think, what place in Turkey to visit first of all? With confidence we declare to you: Begin with round to Istanbul! The prices of Istanbul and rounds and excursion on it will strike you with the low cost! Excursions across Istanbul – travel on the bewitching, mysterious and many-sided city.

The rhythm of modern megalopolises, comfort and a cosiness of provincial small towns, a never-ending holiday of the tourist centers – all this gives you Istanbul. You will be struck also by the prices of Istanbul – such low what aren't present in one country of Europe. And Istanbul to you will be presented by our excursions to Istanbul. 'Adriatik Turizm' knows everything about Istanbul. We will open before you true Istanbul! Bewitching belly dance, ancient temples, dinners at the best restaurants of the city, ancient monuments and possibilities of modern business, rest for pairs and the big companies.

Our excursions across Istanbul as are various, as the city which you learn together with us. Individual rounds and excursion programs, night Istanbul and travel to an antiquity hidden behind skyscrapers and modern offices, group trips and cozy weekends. The prices of Istanbul are low, its comfort is huge! We offer so much, how many offers Istanbul.