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Türkiye Deniz Suyu Sıcaklığı
Dolphin Therapy

Dolphin therapy (on example of children course)

The rate of therapy of 3 stages:

Preparatory stage. History taking, getting of the individual characteristics of the child, talk with parents, receiving the request, planning of the schedul of a remedial work.

Primary stage. Carrying out the remedial work. Mainly the method of game is used during the work. Games are chosen in such a way as to contribute to the solution of the remedial work. The game is one of the main components of the mental development of child, and at the same time, the Dolphins are usually characterized by increased gaming activity, so animals and children play with each other a lot and willingly.

Depending on the physical and psychological capabilities, children play with dolphins in the ball / football and volleyball / communicate with dolphins, stroking they with arms and legs, hugging them, when the animals come on to the platform on the command trainer. Also engaged in modeling, drawing, playing a puppet theater.

The game passes under the supervision of a psychologist, or through direct of his participation. Communication with dolphins, game with them, combined with making of physical exercises directed to develop gross motor skills, spatial orientation. In the lessons the various therapeutic techniques are applied.

Final stage. Comparing conclusions of specialists: teachers defectologists, experts on the movement, child psychologists, whoes watched clients for a long time, before and after dolphin therapy.

Dolphin therapy on the Turkish Riviera

Conducted with the participation of a team of the best qualified coaches in the CIS with specially trained dolphins for the dolphin therapy, the whole staff (medical and coaching) – Russian speaking.

Cost per 1 rate of dolphin therapy is 280 €.

Patients arriving for the treatment for the first time, receive from 5 to 7 sessions of dolphin therapy with a coordination of the specialists of the Institute of International Dolphin therapy and parents (preliminary course). For patients who had previously been dolphin therapy, dolphin therapy rate consists of 10 stages. Dolphin therapy is carried out from May to October.