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Türkiye Deniz Suyu Sıcaklığı
Private Jet
The Learjet 60 can fly to all European countries and all parts of Turkey nonstop while passengers on board enjoy comfort and numerous conveniences.

There’s an exceptional amount of room for baggage too.The combination of range, speed and comfort has made the Learjet 60 one of the world’s most popular midsize jets. The Learjet 60 seats up to 7 passengers.

Quinta VIP Travel has become a distressing proposition no matter how much you pay for your seat. First or business class provides no immunity from crowded airports, delayed flights, bad connections.

Quinta VIP Travel is air travel for people who are not ready to give up control over their lives. Every flight is non-stop. Everyone is polite. You go straight from your home or office to the plane.

Flying used to be a civilised experience. And now it is again. We invite you to make Quinta VIP Travel your own private airline.